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MEYCO Potenza

The MEYCO Potenza is a mobile unit for the spraying of concrete.

Atlas Cocpo MEYCO - Potenza
It is a further development of the MEYCO Spraymobile system and still has the main features, MEYCO wet spraying machine with fully integrated MEYCO TDC dosing system, MEYCO Robojet spraying manipulator and a 4 x 4 Dieci chassis. The individual components are now centrally powered and controlled and there has also been an increase in the concreting pumping capacity, which has lead to an overall more efficient machine.

Having all necessary components on one unit increases site productivity dramatically. To gather a full picture of the capabilities of the MEYCO Potenza please read also the sections concerning MEYCO Suprema (explaining the pumping and dosing control systems) and MEYCO Robojet. There are also several important equipment options available for the Potenza, such as MEYCO Maxima (as MEYCO Roadrunner) and radio remote control among others. 


Atlas Cocpo MEYCO - Potenza
The set-up to form the complete mobile is as follows:
  • MEYCO Robojet spraying manipulator (or as an option MEYCO Maxima manipulator)
  • MEYCO sprayed concrete machine for wet-mix process
  • Integrated MEYCO Dosa TDC additive dosing pump
  • MEYCO Data for compiling/extracting performance data
  • Chassis, 4 wheel drive and steer, with stabilisers
  • Cable reel with hydraulic drive - Air compressor
  • MEYCO nozzle system - Liquid additive tank
  • Water storage tank
  • Working lights
  • Water pump MEYCO HP012
  • High pressure water cleaner
  • Release oil pump
  • For individual characteristics of the most important components please read also the sections concerning MEYCO Suprema (explaining the pumping and dosing control systems), MEYCO Robojet and MEYCO Data.
On large construction sites such as tunnels, it is imperative that the spraying set-up is installed and ready to start performing within minutes. As soon as the spraying operation is finished, the equipment has to be removed so that the next work cycle can begin immediately. Furthermore, it is a common trend to execute different jobs simultaneously, which demands complete, self-contained equipment as for example the central air supply is seldom large enough to supply all demands, the complete mobile therefore carries it's own compressor. The MEYCO Potenza is suitable for use anywhere where large quantities of shotcrete are to be applied in the fastest and most efficient manner possible.

Technical Data

Open table
Overall length (tramming)[mm]7700
Overall width (tramming)[mm]2500
Overall height (tramming)[mm]3800
Overall weight[kg]approx. 14000
MEYCO Robojet spraying manipulator
Max. spraying height[m]14.5
Max. spraying height - lance parallel[m]10.5
Max. spraying width[m]26
MEYCO concrete pump
Max theor. capacity[m3/h]30
Integrated MEYCO Dosa TDC additive dosing pump
4 wheel drive and steer, with stabilisers front and rear
Iveco Diesel Motor,  water cooled[kw]74 at 2'300 rpm
Cable reel with hydraulic drive
Standard cable length[m]80
Air compressor 
MEYCO high pressure delivery and nozzle[mm]100/65
Liquid admixture tank[litres]400
Working lights - Robojet arm[W] 2 x 1500
Working light over Suprema[W]500
High pressure water cleaner--
Release oil pump--


Further checklists and troubleshooting tables are to be found with the relevant operation manuals.  These manuals are available to our customers directly from MEYCO Equipment in Switzerland or from your local MEYCO office.

Please note: technical and design modifications remain reserved at all times. Technical properties have been achieved under theoretical and normal conditions. Please consult the respective machine manual for all matters related to safety, operation and maintenance.